Vortex in Action

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Vortex in Action

The Vortex is an auto aiming, lock on, homing missile weapon of major destruction.  It has a range of 350M and a reload time of 10 seconds.  The Vortex works basically the same as the Aphid but delivers almost double the damage.  For example, a level 9 Aphid does 14,323 damage per fire where a level 9 vortex does 21,420.  Two level 12 Vortex with a direct hit on their target will do a staggering 56,880 in 1 second.   Put 4 of these bad boys on a Spectre and you are “one shotting” small and medium sized mechs.

The Vortex homing abilities aren’t flawless.  It works well on immobile or slow moving targets but often misses fast moving robots.  Is does some splash damage so it does well against physical shields but doesn’t penetrate ancile shields.

Watch the Vortex in action. Check out some game play from this WR Mafia original on youtube.

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