War Robots Update 3.8 Sneak Peek

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War Robots Update 3.8 Sneak Peek

War Robots just released their latest “Next In War Robots” article and alluded to many updates for version 3.8. Here’s what we can expect.

New Mode

War Robots announced on Friday that version 3.8 will have a new mode called Free for all or “FFA”  Free for all will be just as it sounds,  Every Player for Himself! (or herself)  No teams, no beacons, just killing madness!  This mode will put your individual skills to the test.  You won’t be able to hide behind your teammate or take advantage of their ancile shield.  You are all – on – your – own.  War Robots explained, when you make a kill you will receive a token that will allow you to bring a robot back from the dead.  The more times your robot is destroyed, the more tokens it will take to bring one back.

Respawn cooldown?

As a deterrent to players wasting robots or playing recklessly, War Robots will be initiating a Re-spawn Cool-down period.  They haven’t given us much info on this yes, but it sounds like you will have to make your robot last a certain amount of time or be penalized by having to watch the battle from the sideline for a short time.

More loot!

WR wants to make it easier for players to collect elite robots and weapons.  They want pilots who play well and advance in leagues to be rewarded fairly. The new update will reward give more loot in supply drops and battle rewards in order to incentivise league climbing.

Looks and feels

The 3.8 update is going to bring us changes to the look and feel of hangers.  Hangers will be easier to use and will give us easier access to information such as robot and weapon stats.

Have you ever wondered mid-game if you were close enough to that last beacon?  Well you won’t have to wonder anymore.  In 3.8 we will have capture zones around beacons. You will know for sure that you were/ are in proximity by simply looking at the large ring on the ground around the beacon.  The rings will change colors as the beacons do.

Check out warrobots.net for more info on what’s next in War Robots.

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