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War Robots New Weapon – ION

The ION is the new energy weapon in the war robots lineup.  This is a medium hardpoint weapon and acts much like a medium Zeus.  Just like the Zues, it has a range of 600 Meters, reload time of 5 seconds and delivers the same amount of damage from point blank to maximum range.  Also like the Zues, the Ion features auto aiming and locks on to targets before firing.

This is a perfect medium range weapon for firing and ducking.  Pop out from behind a building, fire and take cover.  You want to keep your distance from the reds because you won’t be much of a threat at close range, especially against a shotgun or rocket build.

Possible builds including the Ion:

  1. The Zues, Ion Boa would give you the speed to get into cover and plenty of hitpoints to spare.
  2. Ion, Arbalest or Ion, Gekko Griffin.  I like the Arbalest option on the Griffin because like the Ion, it has a 1 second unload time. You can quickly take a shot and get back into cover.
  3. Ion, Zues Lancelot. With 2 Ions you could do some serious damage.  The Lacelots rush ability would allow you to quickly get in and out of cover if need be.
  4. Double Ion Rogatka. The Rogatkas speed and jump ability will allow it to easily stay in cover between attacks.
  5. Dash bots.  All dash bots have 2 or 3 medium hardpoints and are suitable for ion builds.  The ion weapon would even pair well with a Shocktrain if you only had one of each.

Being an energy weapon, the ION ignores energy shields. It should be used in conjunction with other energy weapons to maximize effect against bots such as the Ancileot or Carnage.

Level Damage
1 4480
2 4920
3 5410
4 5940
5 6530
6 7180
7 7890
8 8670
9 9530
10 10470
11 11510
12 12650
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