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War Robots Update 3.7 March 2018

War Robots update 3.7 brings us a slew of new robots and new weapons, a new feature called battle rewards and of course, weapons rebalancing.

New Robots

The new robots are the HellBurner, Mercury, and Pursuer. The HellBurner is a light robot with 1 heavy and 1 light hardpoint. It has a new ability called “overload” which causes it to run faster for 7 seconds and then explode! Exploding deals damage to the surrounding robots and to the HellBurner itself. Seems like they should have called it the kamikaze! The HellBurner also explodes and deals damage when it’s destroyed.

war robots HellBurner


The Mercury (seen in featured image) is a medium robot with a similar ability to the HellBurner. It has 1 large and 2 small hardpoints and average health for a medium bot. Its ability is called “Helldive” This is where it stealth jumps like an Inquisitor but during its jump it can stop forward movement and dive towards the earth at any time. Upon landing it deals damage to surrounding robots. Unlike the HellBurner, the Mercury is not damaged by using its ability.

war robots pursuer


The 3rd new robot is the Pursuer. This badboy is basically the love child of the Gepard and Stalker on steroids. It’s a light robot with 3 light hardpoints, just like the Gepard, and has stealth mode like the stalker, however it has significantly higher hitpoints than its parent bots. It has the same base speed as the Stalker but when it activates its “Hunt” mode it not only goes stealth but also has a 33% speed increase!

New Weapons

The 2 new weapons of Update 3.7 look very exciting. First, we have the Thermite, a large hardpoint guided missile weapon that appears to be the big brother of the Vortex and Aphid. This thing packs massive power. At level 1 it does 14,920 damage per fire. At level 12 it does 38,400 (assuming that all missiles hit their target). Like the Vortex or Aphid, this beast is best used against slow moving or idle targets.

War Robots Thermite

War Robots didn’t disappoint with the 2nd weapon either. The Ion is a medium hardpoint energy weapon. It has a delayed discharge time, like the Gekko and a 600M range, just as the Zeus. Like other energy weapons, it has the ability to bypass Ancile shield so it would make a great team with the Zeus, Gekko, Dragoon or other long to medium range energy weapon.

war robots ion

Battle Rewards

March 2018 will not only be remembered for the new robots and weapons but also for Battle Rewards. This new feature allows you to earn Honor Points for playing well. You then use your Honor Points to open Battle Containers. The Battle Containers contain loot such as gold, silver, and components. You earn Honor Points by playing well. Even if your team loses you can still earn points for killing a bunch of robots, getting a lot of beacons, doing a ton of damage or even fighting in a squad. The higher your league, the more loot you get when you open the containers. You get to keep opening containers for ever. There… is…. No…. limit.

battle rewards

You can always count on War Robots to do some weapons rebalancing and Update 3.7 is no exception. With this update they slightly nerfed the Shocktrain by giving it a slightly longer windup time (the damage is still the same). The Scourge damage has been increased at close range and the Molot, Gust, and Storm have had a 10% damage increase. (I personally am very excited about this because I love my shotgun Brit-Bots) Additionally, War Robots has said that something happened with the Redeemer to give it a boost, but I’m not sure what.

I’d say this was a pretty exciting update. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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