Update 3.8 Ultimate Guide – New Map, Mode, Robot & More

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Update 3.8 Ultimate Guide – New Map, Mode, Robot & More

War Robots update 3.8 is full of excitement.  This update brings pilots a new large robot that is very similar to the Griffin, 2 new long range energy weapons, a completely new game mode, and a brand new map! On top of all this, War Robots announced a special anniversary event that promises to give players lots of swag.

New Map

war robots carrier map

Update 3.8 brings us the Carrier Map.  This map is actually a ship in the middle of the ocean and is perfect for close range warfare.  It offers many corridors and tunnels for brawler type battle.  Above the tunnels is plenty of open space for long range game play.  Don’t fall off the edge! Falling into the ocean will be the last thing you ever do.

New Robot

war robots raven

The Griffin has been the favorite of many pilots, especially those who don’t have dash bots yet.  War Robots has considered our love of the Griffin and made us a faster, stronger, jumpier Griffin… The Raven.  The Raven brings us a new ability… Double Jump.  This robot is able to jump twice before cool-down and can even jump midair!  The Raven is the only new robot of Update 3.8 but it is certainly an exciting release.

New Weapons

war robots ballista

Ballista is the new medium hardpoint energy weapon.  With a range of 1100m and quick discharge, this weapons is perfect for long range attack.  It acts much like it’s big brother the Trebuchet, but has a faster reload time.  Check out our guide to the Ballista.

war robots flux

Flux is the new heavy slot long range energy weapon.  This laser weapon can hit a target anywhere on the map.  It discharges slowly and requires that you are out of cover for a longer period of time.  Just likes its little brother the Gekko, the Flux ignores energy shields.

New Game Mode

Are you tired of relying on teamates? Are you ready to prove you are the number one best pilot on the field? Do you have a bloodthirsty rage in you and just want to destroy everyting? War Robots has the game mode for you! Free-For-All (FFA) is here and it is awesome!

Up to 6 pilots go head to head. For each robot you kill, you get one token. You then use tokens to bring your detroyed back to life. The price for restoring a robot increases each time you bring one back.  The more kills you get in a row, the more tokens you get.  Special indicators mark the current top players.  Destroy the top bots to try end edge your way onto the leader-board.  At the end of the match, the top 3 pilots get extra rewards.

New Event

War robots is turning 4. In celebration war robots has decorated with a 70’s disco party theme. Under bonus tasks you will find special anniversary event tasks that will earn you lots of great prizes.


Check out the official 3.8 update video here:

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