Shotgun Galahad & Gareth

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Shotgun Galahad & Gareth

Both the Galahad and Gareth make excellent bots for shotgun wielding.  Their speed and shields allow them to get into close contact, where the shotgun weapons are most effective.  The Galahad can be equipped with two Gusts and one Storm weapon, where the Gareth can only carry one of each.  Both the Storm and Gust are excellent at bringing down ancile shields.  Once the shield is down, the enemy bot will quickly fall victim to the close proximity power of these kinetic weapons.

You will see in this WR Mafia original youtube video, the Shotgun Galahad & Gareth pack some massive power and for medium and light robots they can do some serious damage.  Just beware of rocket equipped reds.  The Galahad and Gareth are susceptible to Orkans and other rocket weapons due to the rockets splash damage.

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