Orkan Rogatka – The Most Versatile Robot?

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Orkan Rogatka – The Most Versatile Robot?

The Rogatka is a quick and agile robot. At maxed out it can run at 60 km per hour and it’s even faster while jumping. It’s jump drive resets quickly allowing it to almost continuously hop across the battlefield. The Rogatkas speed makes it a great beacon runner but when armed right, it can also be a deadly predator.

War Robots gave the Rogatka high level hitpoints for a medium robot. At level 9 the Rog has 125k hitpoints where a level 9 Griffin, which is a heavy class robot, only has 5% more at 132k. Thick skin allows the Rogatka to get into firefights at close range without immediatly being blown to bits.

The Rogatkas 2 medium hardpoints give it several options but few weapons are as effective as double Orkans. Equipped with these short range rocket launchers, the Orkan Rogatka uses its speed and maneuverability to come in quick and hard for an attack. A pair of Orkans can unload in 4 seconds and do up to 120k damage.

After the attack, if the red isn’t destroyed in the barrage of rockets, the Orkan Rogatka can quickly run or jump behind cover.

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