New Weapon Ballista – Here’s What we Know…

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New Weapon Ballista – Here’s What we Know…

If you like long range game play, we have a new weapon for you.  The Ballista is War Robots newest sniper weapon.  It is an energy weapon which fires high speed bolts of plasma.  Like other energy weapons, it will fire through Ancile / energy shields.

The Ballista is a medium hardpoint weapon.  It has a range of 1100 meters so it can hit a target from almost any distance.  Similar to the Trebuchet or Arbalest, the Ballista has a partial to full charging system.  It has a full reload time of 10 seconds but can fire a weak shot after a reload of only 2 seconds.

war robots ballista

Compared to the Trebuchet’s full reload time of 23 seconds, the Ballista reloads rather quickly.  This will allow it to function well in both medium and long range battles and will allow for more active game play.

The Ballista is well suited for dash and jumping robots that can quickly duck in and out of cover.  Try it out on the Rogatka, Haechi, or Kumiho for a fun game experience.  It can also be combined with other shoot and hide type weapons.  Try it out in combination with the Trebuchet and Arbalest on a Golem or maybe 2 Ballista’s and a Trebuchet on an Inquisitor.

Check out for more info on the Ballista.

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  1. PlasmaCutter90 May 1, 2018 at 6:40 pm - Reply

    Great, another camper weapon. That’s just what we need.

  2. Agent orange May 1, 2018 at 6:42 pm - Reply

    4 of these would be awesome mounted on a Spectre

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