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Metal Eating Monster – Bulgasari

In ancient Korean and Chinese folklore, the Bulgasari is an iron eating monster of unstoppable force.  It started as a small creature the size of an insect but its insatiable hunger for iron caused it to destroy and feed until it grew into an enormous, raging, metal eating beast.

When War Robots created the Bulgasari for the game, they didn’t stray far from folklore.  Our Bulgasari is the largest and most powerful of the Korean Dash Bots.  Equipped with an extremely durable physical shield, dash drive, and 3 medium weapons slots, the Bulgasari is a brawlers dream and likely the most adequate robot for close combat engagement.

Technically classified as a “medium” robot, the Bulg isn’t built like one.  In fact, it is anything but medium.  Being taller than the Griffin and almost as wide as a Leo, the Bulgasari is a menacing foe.  When you encounter one on the battlefield, it will feel anything but medium.

bulgasari size


If it’s a medium robot it must have medium health, right?  WRONG!  The Bulgasari arguably has the greatest staying power of any robot in the game!  A level 12 Bulg has 190,000 hitpoints.  MK 2 Level 12 has 228,000.  This ties it with the Fury as number one for the most durable robot.

But wait, there’s more…..

On top of having the health of a Fury, the Bulgasari is equipped with a physical shield that puts the Ecu to shame.  At level 12 the Bulgasari’s shield has 305,000 hitpoints… Just the shield!  At MK 2 level 12 the shield has a magnificent 365,000 hitpoints.  This makes it the most durable physical shield in the game.

When shield and robot health are combined, a MK 1 level 12 Bulgasari has 495,000 hitpoints.  Mk 2 level 12 has 593,000.  This is the equivalent of strapping a Fury and a Boa to the front of your Fury and going into battle. Very impressive.

At half a million hitpoints the Bulgasari has to be the most durable robot in the game… Right?

This is where the argument comes in.  The Bulg definitely has the most fixed hitpoints however robots with Ancile shields, such as the AncileLot, technically could take more damage since their Ancile shields are capable of regenerating. Either way you look at it, The Bulgasari has the grit of the mythical creature it was named after.

war robots bulgasari


You’d think that with it being so huge and heavily armored, this monster must be crawling at a Natasha’s pace across the battlefield, but at 40 km/h top speed it definitely isn’t slow.  It’s tied for 1st place of the large robots with the Inquisitor and is a full 5 km/h faster than the Griffin.  It isn’t exactly a beacon capper but can certainly get around the map with ease, even without utilizing its dash drive.

The fabled dash drive is a major piece of the puzzle that makes the Bulgasari the ultimate brawler.  This special ability allows the robot to briefly surge in any direction.  It has two dash charges that can be used back to back.  Each dash charge used requires a 15 second recharge, but are recharged independently.  Dash allows the Bulgasari to quickly dart in and out of striking distance.  The lumbering Leo that is trying to get out of range of your onslaught has no chance once dash in engaged.  The Dash Drive also allows the Bulgasari to quickly change directions and duck for cover.


The 3 medium weapons hardpoints of the Bulgasari allow it to carry extreme firepower.  Equipped with 3 Storms, 3 Punishers, 3 Tarans or 3 Orkans, it can do some serious close range damage, however there is one weapon that really allows the Bulgasari to maximize its effectiveness and be the mother of all brawlers.. The Scourge.

war robots scourge

The thing about the Bulgasari is that its physical shield, while extremely durable, is not placed directly on the front of the robot like the Galahad or Lancelot.  Instead, the shield is placed slightly to the side of the left chest.  This is where the Scourge comes in.

The Scourge is effective at up to 600m but extremely effective at below 300m. It does more damage the closer you get to the enemy.  The benefit of the Scourge that makes it the most suited weapon for the Bulgasari is it’s target lock on ability.  The Scourge locks on to its target and actually swivels to keep track.  This allows the Bulgasari to slightly turn its body so that incoming fire is absorbed by the shield.  Meanwhile, it can continue to fire on its target.

The Bulgasari lives up to its name.  It is the fabled creature of nightmares.  When armed and piloted correctly, it is the ultimate brawler.

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