Ultimate Anniversary Event Guide – 2018

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Ultimate Anniversary Event Guide – 2018

War Robots has turned 4!  The anniversary event includes a new game mode, new robot skins, and anniversary event special tasks.  The event tasks will earn you lots of great loot such as gold and tokens which can be used in WR Royal.

war robots anniversary start


This is where is pays to be an old timer.  The longer you have been with War Robots, the more free tokens you will start the event with.

war robots wr royal

Event tokens have replaced gold in WR Royal.  This new currency is used to earn components for the coolest robots and weapons in the game.

Anniversary Event Tasks

war robots event tasks

Complete anniversary event tasks to earn more tokens and other prizes.

Disco Style

To set the right tone for the party, War Robots has done everything up in a disco theme. The hanger has a 70’s era ora about it and the flashiing lights give it a nice touch.  New, disco style, skins are available for Inquisitor, Strider, Hover and Spectre.

war robots inquisitor skin

Skirmish Mode

war robots skirmish

For the 4th anniversary event War Robots gave us a another present… Skirmish Mode.  This mode gives pilots access to 5 awesome builds in a just for fun game setting.  Battles do earn you rewards but don’t affect rating.  Game mode and map are random but the 5 robot and weapon configurations are the same every time.  They are:

war robots skirmish builds

  • Scourge Rogatka
  • Plasma Griffin
  • Aphid / Thermite Mercury
  • Ancile / Orkan Inquisitor
  • Storm Spectre


Check out this video from War Robots for more info:

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