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AncileLot Builds / Weapons Options

You wont find the AncileLot in your lineup of available Robots.  War Robots didn’t put it there, but they did give us the pieces.  The pieces to create a monstrous Machine.  

The Lancelot is an armored giant.  One of the largest and most intimidating robots, the Lancelot is equipped with a frontal physical shield that protects it from energy/ plasma and kinetic weapons AND Rush ability which allows it to quickly close distance between it and its target.  It has 2 medium and one heavy weapon hardpoints.

The Ancile is a device that projects an energy shield around its user.  It protects from kinetic, rocket, and missle fire.

Place an Ancile shield on top of your Lancelot and you have yourself an almost industructable force… The AncileLot!

The AncileLot is a heavy brawler.  It’s double shielding allows it to take heavy fire and makes it the perfect bot for getting in close and personal.  It has no problem closing distance due to its rush ability and its 2 medium hardpoints give it the capacity to carry some serious firepower.

War Robots has made the AncileLot best suited for close range, high damage weapons such as the Orkan, Taran, Storm, or Scourge.  The Orkan is a close range rocket launcher.  It unloads quick and dirty.  It does splash damage and is able to damage other bots with physical shields.  The Taran is a plasma weapon.  It shoots straight through ancile shields but is blocked by physical shields.   The Storm is a kinetic shotgun weapon. It brings down both ancile and physical shields quickly but is only effective at very close range.  The Scourge is effective up to 600m but really shines at under 300.  It also ignores energy shields.

Check out this WR Mafia original on youtube to see the AncileLot build options in action.



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